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I have found Julia and I am very happy. She came to visit and now I will go to her in March . We will marry in April. She is all I have been looking for in a woman and we are both very happy together.
Michael, Manchester, United Kingdom, 58 yo
thanks for this nice website , and for such a nice service , thanks once again
muhammad United Arab Emirates,Other Age: 32
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I found a lover, thank you lucky site!
Katrin Ukraine,Kirovohrad Age: 21
Met beautiful Ukraine lady....thanks
Fergus United Kingdom, Oxford Age: 51
PETER Moldova, Chisinau Age: 60
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for the moment yes i have met my dream lady from moscow. in the space of 6 weeks we have reached a level where we both know we are meant to be together. we met in moscow a week ago . i thank everyone at your site for your help in finding my natasha. ...
: Floor Location: United Kingdom, Newcastle Upon Tyne Age: 45

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Quick guide how to do it

russian girl dating step guide

1. Register on our site, make a short description about yourself. Attach a few good photos from the number of your best (not made by the phone). Read the article about photos for Russian dating.

2. Russian girls like active guys. Be active and show yourself as confident and energetic man as you certainly are. E-mail messages, letters, send postcards. Best number 40-50. This will allow you to see with whom you are comfortable and who you're looking for, and who would be interested in you. Read about the first letter to Russian girl here.

3. Start a chat with a few Russian girls that you like. First, you will not know what to say to some of them, but you will soon find a theme with the other of them. Do not despair, try again, this also work in some sense. Read about compatibility here.

4. Do not make communication in a long letter. Russian girls are mostly not like. They are very afraid that it may lead nowhere and the Internet love will never become real, but they are serious and want to find a husband, and not just correspondence. If you feel mutual sympathy ask for a phone number and call her.

5. If she has children ask about them, ask her about animals, about family values. Then, tell her about your children. Ask important points about family relationships, child-rearing, the possible joint marriage.

6. If you really like her after telephone calls and letters, if you wait for the time to phone - do not waste time, do not make the time destroy something that began to grow between you- Come to Russia and meet her personally. Live in the hotel , not in her place, let love florish. If you feel that you both want it, you can move to her place from hotel with time. Be assertive but not intrusive. Be nice, but not intrusive. And you will succeed!

7. Try to arrange the next meeting as soon as possible or make arrangements to marry her. Do not miss your chance for happiness. Remember happiness is always there, but it is only necessary to be able to understand and get it!

Anti-scam program

russian girl dating antiscam extra We have a very unique assessment program to combat the crooks, which helps us to protect our site from fraud. We do not just look at lists of scammers (we have our own list of scams, where visitors can also register scam), but also to see their methods of fraud, their methods of fraud. Con - can change their names, photos, e-mail addresses. But some things they can not change, namely, its working methods, its essence. And we ( revealed them to protect you against them.

Scammers and their methods

russian girl dating antiscam 1. Firstly - beware GREAT photo on the site. Do not be fooled. Photo says nothing about its owner, and does not respond to questions for him.

2. The next step in the scam is the "direct" approach - to start using direct private e-mail, bypassing the service of the site for communication.

3. The exchange of letters with "her" is the next step in the scam.

4. Another signal is that the "girl" did not want to give you your phone. Will tell you that yes, she can communicate with you every day via the Internet (or use the Internet at work), but she has no phone. 5. Another signal is that it will tell you about his love for you very quickly. You can get the recognition of love, in the second letter.

6. So now we come to an end. "The girl" thinks that you are ready (especially when communicating through ICQ, where everything is just fast), and she makes her next move. Sometimes it can be said that her friend in Spain, Italy or Germany, and this friend went to Spain and met with one person. You are now ready to "close" when she said she wanted the same way, but you have. She wants to come to the U.S. "and to spend two wonderful weeks alone with you."

7. Of course, then she asked for money to go to Moscow, to apply for a visa and buy tickets in the U.S.. In some cases it may ask $ 1500, and in some cases it may be said that she wanted half the money, etc. depends on its needs. Note that it is impossible for RUSSIAN women are so easy to get into the U.S., it is quite impossible.

Let me tell you something about our service, how it works?

russian girl dating about service women 1 Each russian girl that register to goes through the manual processing manager, who carefully checks her profile. We select only the best form of beautiful Russian girls for you.
  • Russian Girl Dating constantly expanding your choice! Every week we add 70-120 new profiles of single Russian girls and Russian women to our online database of singles. Thousands of men from the U.S., Canada and Western Europe have found a Russian wife and created a happy family. Find a Russian wife in a huge database of singles.
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  • Each week we identify and reject 50-80 scammers who are trying to register on the site. We are actively fighting against fraudsters, as trying to make our service as safely as possible for users.
  • Each week we identify and reject 50-80 scammers who are trying to register on the site. We are actively fighting against fraudsters, as trying to make our service as safely as possible for users.
  • Every day on the site sends about 300-400 postcards with compliments and wishes.
  • Every day the site logged about 5 video messages of love.
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  • Every day there are about 200 ice-breakers sent
  • Every day there are about 1000 winks sent. Try it!
  • Every year about 450-550 our clients come to Russia to meet their ladies. You can call it a "tour of love". This is real and magical.
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  • Every week about 30-50 russian girls delete themselves from our database as they found their soul mate and do not need our service anymore. Do not miss your soul mate and your fortune!
  • Almost every day we receive letters of thanks from our clients who have found their partners through a dating agency. We love what we do. Our marriage agency is designed to help you find a decent pair to ensure that you have formed a strong marriage. We promote traditional family values.

5 important steps towards the success of virtual acquaintance

1.   Clearly define your queries to the future Russian bride. From this step depends on choice of ways to search for suitable profiles.

russian girl dating step 1

Try to understand clearly what you want from your relationship with a Russian Girl, your future russian bride. Set priorities and select what is the main criterion, and that you are ready to give in and accept compromise variant. Her profession? Knowledge of the any language? Children? Appearance? What else? In what amount, if these qualities are present in your bride? Now let us look at it as a whole and think if there are such women at all. Can these qualities combined in one person? Or are they incompatible? Our dating site help you answer these questions and help to answer many other questions.

2.   Think about what your ideal woman you might like to

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Imagine the portrait "your" woman. Where and in what conditions she was living. What are her interests? But the main thing is that she thinks what her position in life and what she wants from life, what are its conditions and requirements. Are you ready to meet the requirements and agree to all conditions? A girl or woman has the right, just like you to choose from. What are you willing to offer her in exchange for what you want. Some people think that the aid the woman in moving to their country enough to build stable relations. There are Ukrainian and Russian women that will follow this motif, but you need just such a wife? If you understand that you are putting forward unrealistic demands, then return to the first paragraph and make less strict your requirements and imagine a girl with less strict requirements.

3.   Create an interesting virtual image for yourself

russian girl dating step 3

On our site we communicate with virtual people, created by our imagination from pictures, profiles and verbal descriptions. Think of the image of a man who will be most interesting for the chosen type of girl. How can be this way? This sensual and spontaneous? Enerichny and provocative? Serious and neat? Intellectual and romantic? When you create an image make it complete. Your Pictures and answers should not contradict each other and follow the same idea. Mismatch at a distance often leads to confusion and more repellent than attractive. Suppose some of your merit in closer communication. But do not be overzealous in creating your virtual "portrait". Despite the artwork must contain a real and significant part of your self. Otherwise, during your meeting you will both feel mutual disappointment.

4.   Show initiative and be highly energetic

russian girl dating step 4

This site contains thousands of profiles - find a girl that meets all your criteria, may take a long time, possibly years. And she can not answer some of your requirements - the seriousness, honesty etc. dating sites are replenished each day. If you liked some Russian or Ukrainian girl send her a card or write a letter or make any other sign of attention to it you drew their attention. The more women give you their attention, the more chances you have to find the lady of his dreams. Be nice and talk to her about themes that are of interest primarily to her, ask her about her life. Find phone number lady and talk to her on the phone.

5.   Do not give up because of failures. Remember that failures are replaced by good luck!

russian girl dating step 5 Ask yourself how many women, beautiful and nice, you met at work, on the street, at friends? But so far not met, only one single "Your Woman"? You are faced with indifference or rudeness? But you do not give up hope for a happy meeting, right? Why, then, after one unsuccessful attempt of virtual acquaintance on a dating site you think that further attempts are doomed to failure? Search for the second half is a serious and focused work that requires perseverance and faith in themselves. Internet is not a lottery and not a country desires, where dreams come true by themselves. Internet provides an opportunity to increase the range of search to the world level. Many of our clients want to find a Russian bride because they see happiness of their friends who found a wife in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Ask them how persistent they were in it. But what if the search does not lead to anything? What if girls do not write to you or you do not like those ladies who write to you? This means that you direct your charm not to those women, or you chose the wrong way. Read again this recommendation from beginning and change your profile. Remember: the main thing - do not give up! Only a stubborn and determined to pursue its dreams!